UI Design Import

Alright i’m not sure if this is the right category, but I just wanted to ask about something. I see some games have a design on their UI, and I wanted to know how to do that.

(This is the correct category.)

Can you elaborate on what you design you mean? Send some pictures if you can.

i mean the design on the button

That would be a drop shadow. The way to make a button like that is to make a normal rounded button, then you would make a darker colored button. Then set the ZIndex below the ZIndex of the first button. Then place it slightly below.

Most advanced UI designers draw their UI on an external art program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. They then import the images into roblox studio as UI.

Ohhh. That’s basically a shadow. To do it, use Zindex.

Is there a plugin to import from other softwares? Can you show me how to do it please because I searched it up and I cant find any videos on it.

I find this video extremely simple and to the point. I hope it answers your questions.
It doesn’t teach you how to make the UI in other softwares however, it just shows you how to import them.

While they use Photoshop in the video, I have been able to exactly replicate what they did in free art programs such as fire alpaca.