UI Design - Menu Panel

Working with gradient/translucent layers is challenging and hard to get right. I haven’t played around with this style and would love to get any general feedback and advice to make this look better :slight_smile:


Make it a bit bigger maybe change the color’s a bit this looks like a game I might play as well.

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Its fine but there is some empty space, i can have u 3 options to solve this:
Option 1: resize the UI
Option 2: add more content to the UI
Option 3: add some simbols under the words or replace them.
You can do a mix of this options if u want.

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make the buttons match the money panel and change the colors

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Thank you all for your suggestions. @TheOmegaMaximo10Z there will be more content as the game gets developed in the next several months so the panel won’t look so empty.

I also incorporated the color change suggestions from faint pink to blue. Here is V2:

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I feel like the blue line over Utilities should be a lighter shade with a border that compliments the BackgroundColor, or no border at all. Experiment a bit and see what happens, maybe it’ll look nice!


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@Fifkee Thanks for the idea! I decided to explore the colored line a bit because it did look out of place. Came up with this which I LIKE A LOT. Still a work in progress but thanks for the ideas everyone :smiley:

Another day of UI work. Would love to get constructive feedback on this for further iteration

I would make it smaller; as show in the screenshot.this

Making it smaller is something I’ve been thinking about but I don’t want to make the interface confusing and hard to navigate. Part of the reason this UI is translucent is because i wanted to minimize the loss of screen-real estate. I’ll look into this idea!

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