UI Design Pack Feedback


Hello! A few days ago, I posted my first UI to the forums, and was given great advice. After previously working on a simple design, I decided to make an entire UI pack and get more advice as I am making more than one piece.

Is there anything I could have done better? Should I change anything? Id love to hear your thoughts!


So, I have a few issues with padding and such. Here are my suggestions:

  1. The titles look good, but they are quite intrusive and cause unused space at the top of all of your UI. I suggest flipping the shape 180 degrees so that it rests on top of the UI frames and doesn’t take up space inside of them.
  2. The grid layouts, scrolling frames, and buttons have unequal padding. e.g. the trading squares in the trade UI are unevenly spaced from the sides of the main frame.
  3. Move the trade accept/cancel buttons somewhere else.

Overall, I do like the font and the style it’s very pleasant.

Wow! I really like the UI! Really good work right here! :smile: