UI Design Progression

So it’s now been officially 2 weeks since I posted my first ever UI Work to the Dev Forum and 3 weeks since I began touching any sort of graphical work. I feel I have improved a great amount however still have a long way to go. With that being said I wanted to post some of my most recent work and get opinions, feedback and advice on the UI’s I have made and ways to improve future designs as well as ways to advanced my career in graphical design.

First UI (For an upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Game in Roblox):

Second UI (Basic O2, Health, Food and Water Bars):ui2

Third UI (Same as Second but went for a different approach):

I look forward to feedback and hope to be able to improve further!


I like the designs for some of them but I also have a few suggestions:

Make sure it’s not a complete rip off since they can copyright strike you for ripping off the UI.

You don’t see this kind of UI anywhere on Roblox nowadays and yours looks really nice for a modern design besides the one with the dark blue rectangle. Gradients don’t go well with modern design, so I’d recommend you to change it.

Looks awesome although I’m not a fan of the outlining having a different shape than the bar. It just doesn’t look good for me.

Other than that, I don’t really have anything else to say than keep up the good work!

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I can’t really judge the first UI as it is directly based off of R6S. Good job on recreating it in Roblox, however just be careful of possible copyright claims that may occur.

For the second UI, I recommend replacing the percentage text with the icons seen in the third UI (or include both of them). Without them, it is hard to understand which indicator means what (especially telling the difference between oxygen and water). The layout of the second UI is very unique, and I really like the compactness. I would recommend making the health indicator the bigger one as it is usually the most important indicator. Other than that, great work.

The third UI looks pretty good overall, but there is a chance that the icons may not be visible in bright areas, try adding an outline to them, or put them inside the bar.

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Thank you for your input! Going to make these changes and as for the R6S UI I have already made extreme changes to it to avoid any copyright issues along with completely changed all icons used!