UI Design with Photoshop

Hi guys! I want to start on UI Design within Photoshop, but I have a question.

What image size should I use to create buttons and other designs?

I’m making a game and I want to start designing the UI’s with Photoshop, I want design Buttons, Shops, and other UI’s.

I just want to know which Pixel Size should I use to make Buttons and Frames, so when I export it, has a good or excellent quality.

I already bought Photoshop from Adobe Official Web, but now I just need help with this. Someone?



Average size is 1929x1080, so I suggest using Roblox studio and then make the frame sizing and then copy the size as the pixel dimensions and use plugins to convert the frames to images and upload your image of the UI.

Oh, then first I should make a frame into Roblox Studio, copy the size and start designing in Photoshop?

Yes, that should help make it work.

Hello there! A personal recommendation I’d give you is, start making it on a piece of paper first, once you’ve got a clear idea of what you want, then move to illustrator or photoshop. As Spiral said, use 1920x1080 as the standard size for the UI

Yeah, I already did that, but the quality looks bad.

Keep in mind Roblox will automatically resize your decals to 1024x1024, so, make sure they’re not drastically wide or tall, if you want 1:1 quality, upload the pictures already in 1024x1024 resolution