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Hey there, I’m a programmer and UI designer on the platform. I’ve been a user on Roblox since 2010 and a developer since 2018. I study Game Design and Production though I am currently on summer break. I specialise in flat-style UI design and I can also program the UI.


Player Info for a Monster Collection game

Health and Stamina bar
Health and Stamina

Potion Icons and Round Outcome frame for a Boss Battle game

Toolbar / Dialogue UI for a Generic Anime game

Lootbox Style Store but with Capsules in Prop Pursuit

Store for Skills that the Player can use in Prop Pursuit

Inventory for Skills that the Player can use


Icon designs for an RPG game

Player Icons for a Chibi-style RPG

Inventory Icons and Message frames for a Simulator game

Papercraft-style Icons for a Unity game

I am currentlny only accepting
I’m currently accepting payment through PayPal or Group Funds if the payout is over 100,000 R$.


Discord: Dorkaroid#4891
Twitter: Dorkaroid


Need your UI scripted? Check out my Programming Portfolio!


I can* just wanted to tell you to add that in there

Also, your stuff is very good


Thanks for telling me!

Thanks for the compliment too!


oryRBX is a dedicated scripter, and I can vouch for him 100%.
He has, time after time, shown that he is capable of working on a wide variety of projects, so the chance that you can hire for something you need, is very high.

If you need an efficient, yet an organized scripter, I would definitely recommend oryRBX.


Hello, I have tried to contact you through discord but it seems like you changed it. Would be thankful if you can add me on discord; AlvinPolys#0001

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My Discord is still the same but sure.

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Sorry, like I said in my Payment section, I’m only accepting upfront payment and not %.

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Has not replayed to any of my messages in the past 12 days, its been 3 weeks since the start of my commission and i paid 100 USD in advance, He said it will take 4 days, i keep extending the days for him but now that he is not even replaying to anything i say for the past 12 days, I want a REFUND. Messaged him on devforum, saw him online and even posted something, blatantly ignoring me. DO NOT HIRE.

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I apologise for not replying, though it was 5 days, not 12. I won’t post the screenshots of our conversation but I can if you’d like me to.

We started the commission 2 weeks ago. I never stated what date I would finish, I did state I would try my best to get it done a week after the 18th which was when you finally gave me proper instructions of what you wanted me to do which was make and code all but Round UI for a Murder Mystery type game as well as skills.

My week has been very busy, and though I have replied once or twice on here I haven’t responded to any Discord or Twitter messages which I apologise for.

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This is really unprofessional, and the fact you ask for 50% of the payment to be upfront you really are tarnishing whatever reputation you had built up. I think you should fully refund slinky of his money, doesn’t matter if you finished it or what not the fact that you’re busy I understand, but it was said you were changing discord profile pictures which means you had sometime.

Even if you were busy everyday and you didn’t change your discord profile, it literally takes less then 5 minutes to maybe go discord and send a message to slinky saying, I can’t get it done by this date, you weren’t clear enough, etc. The fact that you haven’t responded to him on discord for 5 days, and that he paid you upfront is horrible.

For whatever reason this occurred I hope its not the fact that just because slinky isn’t a massive dev or someone with huge connections and reputation he was taken advantage of like this. I hope you take responsibility for this mistake, the fact that you are 20 and did this shows immaturity and how unprofessional you are. Also along with the fact you literally stated you have lots of free time multiple times in the OP, I realize its from February but you could easily edit and put that you don’t have as much time, simple.


50% up front , 50% on completion is standard for freelancing. Also @Kymaraaa you might not think you’re well known but you post way too frequently to be unknown lol. I’m not sure what happened here.

If you don’t have anytime or may become busy occasionally you might wanna remove the ton of free time. Think you can explain some of your past work and your motivation behind them? You’ve already explained that you have a ton of free time. I’m curious about why you haven’t spent that time to make a game of your own. Is there a reason you’re a freelance?

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I still don’t think I’m that well known - but good to know. Thank you.

I’ve just removed the multiple “I have a ton of free time” so don’t worry!

Making and releasing a game takes a lot of work especially when you’re a solo developer, lack of ideas also play a major part. I do have a game currently in the works that I hope to release soon though.


I’d agree with what T0ny put earlier. I wouldn’t say you’re extremely well known, but definitely known to forum regulars. I’ve seen quite a few post from you Kymaraaa so you’re far from a nobody.

Perhaps to avoid future scenarios such as the one with slinky22, you may consider closing commissions to focus on existing obligations. It’s never wrong to slow down and take a second to collect yourself and reorganize.


I have just refined my portfolio so that my work is of a higher quality as well as including my UI work!



I’m interested! I’ve sent you a message.


I’m now only accepting payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer for the time being. More examples of my work coming soon!

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Can you add me on discord because me your name dosen’t work my name on discord is:pushy151 # 9643(no space)

Can you add Trillx#0001 Doesn’t let me add you.

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Hey there, was wondering if you’re still hireable for a Military Group Commission?

We are currently in need of a gun system but other things can be negotiated via DMs.

My discord is - JFK#1234

Hey there, was wondering if you’re still hireable for a Space Group Commission?
We are currently in need of multiple frameworks.

Add me at lord#0003.