UI Designer for hire!

Hello! I am Quartix, an experienced interface designer. I do design in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Interface for Pet Simulators

RedLine Concept 2.0

Full Concept Video: Redline UI Concept 2.0 - YouTube

Main Screen

Race Screen

Shop Screen

Redline Concept

Full Concept Video: Redline UI Concept - YouTube

Login Screen

Connect Status Screen

Gamemodes Screen


You can contact me at discord anytime, but I may be busy or I will be asleep.

20 USD or 6000 Robux (taxes): One set of interfaces
I accept payments on Paypal

Contact me on Discord (ELECTRO#7653) or Twitter DMs.

Thanks for reading!

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Do you accept percentage payment?

No, I don’t accept such payment. Only USD or Robux

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