UI Designer for-hire!


Hey! I’m a advanced UI designer with short experience. I can do almost anything you like and I’m most welcomed to here your feedbacks on my work. I like UI designing because it allows me to creative and to expand my imaginations, thanks.

Avail 7 Deliv

Usually, I’m pretty active on a daily base but I think you should consider the fact that I can be inactive at some times as well. Overall, I have a life too.

Delivery time of your UI set/UI will vary you will be messaged the estimated time but that time can change depending on the job and situations I come across. Normally, you will get it within 7 days if it’s a whole bundle and 2-3 days if it’s a simple set. Just something to keep in mind, please do not rush me if it takes time because as I mentioned, I have a life and your work can be delayed only if necessary.


I like to be pretty straight forwards with my prices when it comes to payment. It means my prices aren’t usually negotiable. However, prices amount can be negotiated only when I think it can benefit me and the client. You can see my prices below and on the commission sheet.

:pound: 30 GBP (Great British Pound)
:robux_gold: 3000+ Advanced UI Set


FPS Main Menu


Mobile app UI Design (changed the version to make it fit for Roblox)



Dark version (for people who like dark modes like me).

Light version (for people who like light modes).


If you would like to get in touch or hire me, you can contact me here or on Discord @Crytticz#6051

I’d prefer you to contact me directly through discord.

Thanks for reading :smile:


your discord doesn’t seem to work try adding me DevDesEs#5045

I have changed my name as people find emojis annoying. You can see I have changed the Discord contact username. I have sent you a friend request on Discord.