UI Designers, help!

So I’m a solo game developer, which means I have to work on all aspects of a game, which means, every part of every game I make is restricted to the best of my abilities, meaning some parts of my games can look… not so great, unfortunately UI Design is one of those aspects. Not to say I don’t know how to make a good UI sometimes, but, I’m quite the amateur, there’s a reason I mainly focus on scripting.

Anyways, I was working on a UI for my game “Testing Grounds” and it just feels like is just something wrong and I don’t know what, if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

The UI I’m talking about is:

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Feels empty, here are some suggestions I would give:

  1. When in the menu (screenshot you sent), maybe have it look over the map while panning around rather than a solid blue background. Could even add a blur to make the UI elements more visible

  2. Look at some references, lots of games have nice start menus and it wouldn’t hurt to take influence, here are some that I managed to find: