UI designing tips and help?

Hello guys !
So, I’m quite new to UI designing, and I’d like to get tips and tricks from you such as:
• How to make a nice UI skin?
• what third party softwares do you recommend?
• Mind sharing any experiences and troubles you had, and how did you solved that?
• Or anything you could share to help a newbie :smiley:

But I’m not here without anything to show. I’ve been studying a design of an inventory that could possibly work on all platforms (Phones, consoles, PC).

Heres how it roughly looks with a quick sketch:

and how it badly but prototypely looks on roblox:

I’m using a cool method to save images loading and performances, all my buttons’s states will be on the same image:
I offset the image on a ClipDescendant frame to change the state !!

I’m also using this ClipDescendant technique to resize the rounded rectangle background:

IDK if it is the best way, maybe you can tell me, but it saves loading time I guess :wink:

If you have any critiques and advices on images sizes limits for the confort of low end devices I’d take it !!

Thanks for helping guys if you do :smiley: <3


Use 9-Slice for those corners.

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Awesome, I missed that property and directly made my own slicer using % vallues and offets to make it work nicely :slight_smile:

Now thats gonna be even more clean ty !

You can also use ImageRectSize and ImageRectOffset rather than frames with ClipsDescendants for that close button, much cleaner that way :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ooh, so many new things… that aren’t that new I guess lmao.
I think i’m going to dig all the properties one by one :smile:


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Looks nice! If you’re wanting to do rounded corners on more UIs…I do have a plugin that’ll help you do it with ease.