UI Disappears and reappears when clicked in the explorer

Currently I am experiencing a rendering bug where my UI element doesn’t render until I click on it in the explorer. I cannot seem to create a simple repro, it only happens in this environment for me. I hope that sharing my game will be helpful. Sorry about the large place file…

System: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 770


  1. Turn on API services for datastore
  2. Adopt a droplet
  3. Click on your droplet
  4. Click on the feed icon
  5. Feed them
  6. See that the eyes disappear from the top right image of your droplet
  7. Go to Players[Your_Name].PlayerGui.MainMenu.Gems.TopContainer.Slot1.DropletSlot1.ViewportFrame
  8. Click on the “Eyes” ui element
  9. See that the eyes reappear.

Expected behavior

I expect to see the eyes loading in when I update the UI element.

A private message is associated with this bug report


I made a temporary fix where it will update the UI every second and that seems to bring the image back.

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I have the same issue, thought it related to scrolling frames only, but seems you don’t use one. I believe this isolates the root cause to being UIListLayout being the issue and not updating its contents appropriately.

A roblox staff has also dmed me for further info and a repro, so hopefully this will get a solution soon!


As stated above, we are aware of this issue. I’ve linked the 2 tickets internally. Please follow this topic for updates, thanks!


Hi - do you have the UIListLayout Flex beta enabled? We’re working on root causing this issue. Thanks!

Yes I do have this feature enabled.

Does disabling flex layouts resolve the issue for you?

Yes, that seems to have resolved my issue!

Ok great. Thanks for the info, this will help us solve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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The issue is actually occuring again. I think it is inconsistent. Sorry about that.

Ok, that’s important for us to know. Thanks for sharing.

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