UI Editor does not work with UI in folders

Editing UI that is stored in a folder causes an error, which seems to be caused by the plugin checking for the parent’s AbsoluteSize and AbsolutePosition, which a folder does not have as it is a GuiObject.


Repro: Make a GUI, put a folder in it, then put a GuiObject in this folder. You will not be able to resize or reposition this element, and you will see an error every time you try.


Confirmed problem is reproducible.


Any progress on this?
Still a problem in the latest studio update at time of writing.
Using folders is very important for organization but it’s disappointing to see a total lack of support for it when it comes to Gui’s.

Example of it happening in-studio:

Granted, it’s probably a low priority bug as you don’t Have to use folders, but if you have a lot of GuiObjects in a frame then it can get tedious to sort through it all manually, fairly certain this wasn’t always a problem and it should be quite simple to fix.
For the moment, simply not using folders should do.