UI Editor prevents you from using Arrow Keys to navigate the Explorer

After a recent update to the UI Editor (probably within the last week or so), you can no longer use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the Explorer when you have a GUI-related object selected. Instead, the arrow keys will just move the camera instead. The arrow keys work correctly when you have a non-GUI object selected, though.

Repro steps:

  1. Open a place and add a ScreenGui into the StarterGui
  2. Select the StarterGui (or the ScreenGui) in the Explorer
  3. Press the arrow keys. Instead of changing the selected object, this will move your camera instead.


Deleting the UI Editor from your built in plugins stops this issue from happening.


Hello, thanks for the report! We are working on a fix regarding this issue and will notify you when we have any updates.


Please please fix this, It’s been a while and still no fixes.

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Reviving this thread, this issue still persists.

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Are there any updates on this yet?