UI Effect Confetti

I am currently trying to do something similar to this : https://twitter.com/pxkez_rb/status/1012880467278942208?s=19

I heard it requires a bit of work but I don’t actually know how to get around it.

Would someone briefly explain what I need to do to make something similar to this please?

Also read that it might require something that has to do with quadratic equations on the position, as it’s not linear.


Here is a module with provided UI: https://www.roblox.com/library/2697200685/Confetti-Cannon

It was made by Onogork last year. Would probably be a good place to start.


Thank you! My friends told me to look for someone else’s module but I still kind of want to see how it actually works.

You could try using a viewport to make :ok_hand: confetti.