"Bubble-styled" confetti UI and oxygen system

Hi there, fellow devs! :wave:
I’m developing a solo-handed realistic/vibe-styled experience — might walk in here with a few photos down by the Creations Feedback avenue, but that’s besides the point — and I’ve already been walking around the developer forum, bumping into modules and scripts along the way, but I couldn’t understand where they should go. That’s why I’m asking for help myself!

The main question: what’s it that I need help with?

Simple. How am I meant to create a confetti system that is attached to the user’s UI, and how can I know whenever they dive into the water for a swim?

// Checked topics. //
When I said I checked dev forum topics, I wasn’t kidding. Here’s what I walked into and that I could not comprehend.

Any assistance is of big help. Cya around! :wink:

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