UI Elements are off center in some screens

It looks completely fine in the regular studio screen, but when I tried it out on other screens it’s mis-aligned (Bottom left buttons are more noticeable) How do I fix this? I tried Autoscale Lite, but it doesn’t work, UI-Constraint is probably why. I would have to stop using UI-Constraint if this is the case.

It’s misaligned in this screen

Looking at the UI it doesn’t look like the button’s anchor points are 0.5, you even might be using a UIListLayout, but if you aren’t then I recommend making the Anchor of the buttons 0.5,0 and then putting their X Position Scale as 0.5.

This may fix them, I also recommend using UIPadding if that doesn’t work, I’d say a 0.05,0 inset on all sides and then make the buttons X Size Scale 1.

Both don’t work, the bar on the bottom where it shows buttons and text isn’t part of them, they are both separate so it’s easier for me to edit the buttons and other stuff.

The bottom bar has nothing in it.

Well, putting the buttons inside of the frame would make it a little more complicated to edit but it would 100% fix your position issue. I can’t think of another solution with it being outside of the frame since you can’t scale the offset of the buttons to the final size of the main frame without unnecessary scripts.

I tried to put it in, but I have to delete the UI-Constraint and reinsert it again to be able to scale it, and do the same thing with similar buttons to this in the other UI for the same game, and I have to change the script to add like 1 more .parent (There are a total of 7 buttons like this)

Oh, I don’t know another solution then.

Okay, thank you for trying, cjhatter.

Ill be honest… i don’t see a single thing wrong. This is one of the best scaled ui from studio to emulator ive seen. Could you please specify what is misaligned between those two screenshots.

The Quit button, tip and version tab are both right next to eachother, the buttons are right next to each other and in some screens the buttons are scattered