UI Elements not positioning when sidebars aren't open

The title might not make sense to most of you, I mean is like the Explorer and Property tabs while in ROBLOX studio.

Ok, so when I was in the studio working on some UI stuff for a future project of mine with my friends when I realized that when I went to position the frame onto the screen without any tabs, then I find out that the Y-Axis line didn’t position with the frame just the X-Axis.

The bug happens when I have all tabs closed from the left and right and try to make it on the center of the screen, which got annoying easily with me and my partners.

This bug started happening for like 1-2 years already when I was just a young developer working on many things and working on random games, but my friends wanted me to do something with this. I decided to post it today for this to go away or to be fixed. :eyes:


Here, you can see the frame position on the center well when the tabs are visible.

When the tabs are gone, it doesn’t center.

When you see the first video with the lines having it guide you to the center or aligning it with the Axis, it should also be applied when tabs aren’t visible onto your screen like the second video where the X-Axis shows it the alignment, but not the Y.

If they could fix this, I guess it can improve how UI Designers and developers can do well with making UI Elements center onto the screen and using a plugin to scale it to other screens.


Hi @loueque - I created a ticket for us to investigate and follow-up on this issue. Thank you for providing a helpful description and video demonstrating the problem - very helpful! Take care.

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