UI Feedback – Archasion


I’ve recently made this user interface and I’m looking for feedback on how I could improve it or what I could do in the future to make similar UIs look better.

This UI wasn’t made for any game, its just something I have decided to make in my free time for practice.

Known Issues

• The UI may be a bit dark
• The thin description text on the right side has an odd color and may blend in with the sub-heading
• The button may not match the whole UI style

Click here to see the UI if the image doesn’t load.


I love this! The only thing I would change is the color of the leaderboard slots text to something lighter. I would also do the same for the “description” area (?)

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I’ve tried to make the description lighter however it just doesn’t look nice, its too vibrant compared to the rest of the interface while not really being important.

As for the leaderboard text, here’s the slight change:


I genuinely love this. I would even pay for this kind of UI. As a person who can’t code UI to save his life, this is extremely impressive. I don’t think it’s too dark. It always depends on the audience and the game. Good work!