UI feedback (FIRST UI)

Hey, I’m s_izzles and I make logos and gamepasses! I am also interested in UI, but don’t really know if my stuff is worth selling or if I’m up to it lol :sweat_smile:. Please check my UI out (its my first one by the way) and give me feedback! Also I’m not watermarking it cause I don’t really care if you take it lol.

Any feedback helps and is appreciated!! Thx :3



I really like the your UI, and it is pretty impressive considering its your first, here are a few things that I would suggest changing.

  • You could make the stripes in the background slightly lighter (the dark ones) .
  • You could makes the ‘Enter Code Here’ text slightly more transparent so that it doesn’t look like a button.
  • Lastly, you could make the dark text a tiny bit lighter and in the ‘navy’ zone.

i really like it.
the stripes give the scence of professionality.
the 3d “curve” at the end makes it pop.
its high def.
text fits with cartoonish style.
and an x out button (it might make it easier for alternate ways to toggle the gui).
i would also recommend that you add a slight bevel to the text to allow you to read with out ineruption from the lines, and even make them darker of you wish.

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I’m not really an Artist in all honesty, however I love the work you’ve done. In my personal opinion, I’d love to see a little pop when it comes to the text, so maybe like text shadowing. How-ever that’s also your call as the artist like I said i’m not one, I just do a lot of ui scripting :joy:

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