UI Feedback for Castle Tycoon

Hello all,

I’ve been working on my game, Castle Tycoon. I’ve recently finished a welcome/ How2Play screen that pops up once you join the game. I know its simple so there won’t be a lot of stuff to say about it, but I would really like your feedback on it!

I’m going for kind of an older medieval look, sort of reminiscent of older medieval Roblox games.

Here is the Ui:

Thanks for any feedback you have on it. Hope you all are having a restful Sunday,

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Not trying to be mean but it looks a bit basic but you cant add text fonts etc. I hope a gui plugin comes out plus photoshop is bad and overpriced

So yeah basic but you cant do much

I’d say that this is really good. It’s basic, but that is what is good about this. Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing about this.

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Photoshop isn’t bad. Overpriced, maybe. But not bad.

Anyway, you don’t need photoshop to make fancy UI. Photopea and GIMP work well, and there are plenty of other options. If you’re looking to up your GUI game, I’d suggest those.

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I like it! It has a very medieval feel to it, and I really like the simplicity of it. One thing I’ll recommend is that the how to play only pop up when player first joins, and then if they come back, have a how to play button at the bottom of the screen. Though if the welcome and the how to play are the same thing, maybe not… Good job!

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Try using Lunacy, it’s a free software where you can design UIs.

Hey there! If you are a starter UI creator, amazing job with what you made! However, for my designs, I use pixlr.com , a free online software that fits beginners and advanced designers. Go check it out! Take a look at my portofolio to get inspired and pick up ideas for your future designs and creations. Cheers!


Thank you all for your help and encouragement, and also for recommending the Ui resources!

Wow I really like pixlr.com now! I tried it out and it is a LOT better than what I have been using before…Definitely recommend that one @CJ_Nelson01

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