UI for an upcoming version of my admin panel


Heyo, I am currently redoing one of my biggest project, which is an administration panel previously called CanaryAdmin. It is now called Commander and while I am still coding the server scripts, I would like to “show off” my UI and ask for feedback about it. Here’s some pictures of it!


  • This is the home page, it will show information about the current server and the administration system itself, such as the version, commands loaded, et cetera.

  • This is the menu bar

  • And then, this is the Player and Server commands page, one difference between those two pages is the Server command page won’t have a text field to put the player’s name.

  • Input modal

  • This is the about page, looks very fancy, am I right?

Want to view the animations as well?

You can test the UI by visiting this place: https://www.roblox.com/games/6277108854/Commander-4-UI


Your UIs are unbelievably well-made! Good job.

This decal on the UI is very low-quality image
I suggest adding an improved decal, so it’ll be more appealing.

I’m not very sure about the image quality, since the icon is designed in 600*600, and exported at 2x. I might’ve forgotten to do the common “PixelFix” patch to the image, but thanks for letting me know.

This could be probably due to the problem with Rosetta 2 emulation, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯


This UI looks outstanding wow. I have no feedback other than suggesting to use different fonts (not too many) across the UI for variety, as having the same font looks plain and boring.

Nah man. This decal is great. Don’t change it @nana_kon


It is for consistency, and it isn’t just one font, I’ve used variations like Semibold, Bold, and Book

Sorry if that came out wrong, what I meant was different styles yes

This is amazing and perfect, your UI is always stellar.

The only thing I’d have to say which is an extreme nitpick is: shouldn’t it be “Player count” instead of “Players count?”


How do you make your UI? It’s absolutely fantastic.

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I wish i could make UI’s this good. Well done!


macbook command button be like LO

Looks amazing. Animations are great too.


Coming from a UI designer myself, this is an amazing replication of the realistic style. Keep up the good work!

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Any specific reason why it’s named ‘Commander 4’, is it the 4th version?

It’s technically the next version of CanaryAdmin, but I’ve changed it to Commander, kinda want to make sure there’s no confusion