UI glitching in Studio, follows mouse 24/7

Okay, I’ll have to obs a video in a few minutes if nobody can resolve this quickly for me.

I attempt to grab a GUI and whenever I put my mouse into the Studio, it grabs it and positions WHEREVER I put my mouse, without selecting… It’s hard to describe, I’ll have to make a short video when I get back in a few minutes.

It’s been happening all day, I’ve relaunched PC, Reset STUDIO to default settings, idk what it could be.

Has anyone had any bugs like this and resolved them?

Studied the forums for a bit, finna reinstall studio, and let you guys know if that works.

Never mind.

I guess it wasn’t fixed.

UI is just grabbing the previous frame and whenever I mouse into the Studio it moves the frame. I can’t select anything at all. It’s very confusing.

This is the most frustrating bug I’ve ever encountered lol.

Do you have any plugins installed ?

it was because of something in workspace = deferred

They’re patching it, I found a thread a few nights ago. I just switch it back when I publish but keep it off while using Ui.