UI Going Outside Borders

I’m having an issue with these two pieces of UI in my game that i cant seem to fix. here’s a screenshot of one in studio:

this is what it looks like in-game (in studio):

(dont mind the green and blue bars, thats just some overlapping UI thats not supposed to be there)

any ideas on how to fix this issue? its not a scaling/offset issue.

i also have another one i’ve been curious about fixing, but not sure how to go about it. this is what it looks like on one of my developers screens:

and this is what it looks like on mine:

as you can see, the “DEV” on mine is a bit out of frame compared to my other developers. any thoughts on how to fix this issue as well?

any help is appreciated!

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Make sure the UI’s size is relative. (1,0,1,0) not (0,500,0,800)
and consider adding a aspect ratio constraint

The solution to the first one is just to change the ZIndex to one of the frame and to it’s descendants, if I understood your problem correctly.
And for the second one, can you send the Udim2 for the Position for that TextLabel? The problem might be that instead of scaling, you set the position via offset which will make it look weird on monitors with different pixel ratios.

Like I said before, it’s not a scaling/offset issue. As well as this, there is already an aspect ratio constraint on it and it doesn’t fix it.

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