UI I made for someone

Hello guys so I made this UI for someone and I would like some feedback on it. I personally do not like the colors but it’s what I was told to use so I guess it’s ok. Can you tell me what you like about it and what I can change in the future. I think that it looks quite good due to it only taking 2-3 hours to make.

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It looks good, not a ui designer my self. Once scripted it will be good. Personally I don’t like the colors but that’s what the person asked for… Wondering why did it take 2-3 hours, did you script it?

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Nope I did not script it but the person keeped on changing what he wanted. I got 5K for it so like it’s all fine. So surprised he was offering 5K for this. XD

OH that’s the reason, the guy was picky. But you got paid well.

The green outlines are kinda weird, and the fonts are different?

I don’t see any green outlines? :thinking:

The ones used here

I might be colorblind, it looks more cyan to me

It’d be a bit hard to describe in words what I’d change, so I did some photo editing to show how I’d change it:

Basically, center and line up UI elements with each other. This gives it a cleaner look. Also, group up related UI elements, such as the filter buttons for Search and All. The way you have it now makes the search text field and the Search and All buttons not immediately look like they’re related.

The border between the item’s name and the description area should help the player’s eyes more immediately snap to the name area. It’s a bit like a graphical “landmark,” since right now the overall look kind of blends together. I used an off-white/very light yellow color for the border since plain white is already used for the text.

Yes it’s cyan. Not green …

It’s cyan not green. Also all of the colors and font are what I was told to put in. I do understand what you mean.

5K xD? That was lucky for you.


Nice! I like the layout of your UI, however I feel like the X button would look better on the right side and a bit out of the UI
You could move the ‘All’ & ‘Search’ to the left
Try using a different font, something maybe with a bit more of a bold and curvy look
Placing the 'Equip & ‘Sell’ on top of eachother rather than next to eachother will make it look more pleasing, the buttons can be longer and give some room for border around the text
You should think about changing the mint colour around the boxes to something within the shade of blue but maybe a really light blue so it works well with your white use of colour
Lastly the boarder around the main UI areas is not equal, you could work on that to make it look more appealing
Goodluck hehe

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I was told to put the minit border in by the owner but I do agree with you on that,