UI in roblox studio wrongly scaling and breaking after being AFK

So, for some time now Roblox Studio has been doing this weird thing: whenever I go afk it for some reason resizes the UI. The image below shows how it looks windowed (this is the full window), on fullscreen it’s the same.

It messes up with the click detection too, like the UI were to be normal (selecting line 64 it selects line 73)

I tried searching it up on the internet but there were no results.

Does anybody know what might be the cause and how to fix it?

Yeah, you’re getting a very old bug, or at least a variation of it:

Delete the registry key associated with studio. Instructions can be found in the post above.

The 2nd variation is when the mouse position is interpreted as offset from anything in studio. This is a related bug to it.

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