UI is too flashy

Someone says my UI is flashy and it has much actions in it so I cut down on the amount of action and flashyness.

What do you guys think?

From this.

To this.
I’ve changed the tint of the color, removed frame border, cut down on text thickness.


The second image is definitely better.

It’s claustrophobic- so many boxes and text so close to each other. Overall doesn’t look very good.

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This UI looks good, the second image is much better! Nice job on it!

I can try to make the boxes abit bigger and more room to fit in each text. Alternatively, I can use other shape instead of a box. What do you think of this suggestion?

ui is way too basic, it literally needs more depth and coloring. just so out of touch.
Sorry but this isnt good

Can you give me more information? The UX is done but the UI is not.

The ui feels very plain,
there too much empty space on the buttons,
colors dont match

thats my info.

The second picture is definitely better, but I think the problem boils down to how you see the UI visually in color and sight readability (no pun intended).

  • Add a primary color that stands out from the rest of the background and holds the other BP information BESIDES the actual lines themselves. For instance, something like orange would help differentiate everything. (while we’re on it, why not readd the border with the same color? it’ll definitely help make it look a little bit more pleasing!)

  • Make your text less contrasting in color. Adding blue on blue is bad, but trying to make it visible through a white outline is not ideal either. I’d personally convert most back to white and only leave the defining paths (such as FREE and PREMIUM) colored with some alteration to both the color and its holder.

  • I’d also include this point, you should probably attempt to convert it over to a line progression system instead of boxes. You could have smaller boxes that labels each reward of some level on the Battle Pass, which can help ease this problem. While on this topic, add some labels that number each level on the line, as it may not be that clear to some people.

Also, small detail, I’d make sure that you can tell the difference between a “BP EXP” and the actual reward for completing the progress bar, but this is UI so I really can’t say much about that lol… good work though!

Thanks for your feedback & insights. I know the UI might not be that good but what about the UX? Of course I will have to make some changes to the UI but I want to also get your perspective on the UX.

UX… hmmmm… first I think besides trying to actually tell the difference between a EXP Battle Pass and an actual Battle Pass, I would suggest making it more clear on where you are at, and also make sure that players know what they can progress in and what they can’t. Hiding the “Buy Premium Battlepass” button won’t do much, so I’d recommend just finding a way to cover it up or at least let players know that they don’t have it unlocked but can unlock it at any time. (also distance it from the UI or add a purchase button within the premium categories)

Also, more clarification on what things are, such as the progress bar saying something like “REWARD AT 0/100 EXP”, or even the differentiation between Free and Premium besides a color and the quantity of “rewards”. I can’t really say much examples since I am just relying on a screenshot, but whatever

Lastly, “Normal Battlepass” feels weird. Is there like an Exclusive Battlepass or something that is even more expensive than a “Premium Battlepass”? In fact, isn’t it a little contradicting? I’d suggest something to be done about that, maybe if its like a seasonal / event battlepass you should specifiy that. If not, just… remove the whole thing since it’s probably not needed.

First of all.

Why? Why are there 3 posts on the same darn gui?

And. It honestly still looks bad! Because the buttons are too slim and tall. Make them wider and I hate that the text is going off bounds from the button. and also the fact that you say: 24 BP EXP(S) there is no need for the (S). 24 BP EXP and 1 BP EXP would still make sense. I also hate that I can not properly distinguish between the free title and it’s respective items. I also hate your choice of colors. With this the X icon is also a rectangle when it should be a square.