UI is visible but I can't see it?

Hello, I’m making a inventory system and the system works fine. But the issue is I cant see the ui. It’s literally there but we can’t see it. Visible is true, zindex is bigger than other uis and etc.

The part of the script where I copy the sampleui and put it into the holder frame (server script)

for _, fish in pairs(inventory:GetChildren()) do
	local fishUI = RS:WaitForChild("FishSample"):Clone()
	fishUI.Parent = Holder
	fishUI.Name = fish.Name
	fishUI.Visible = true
	local priceAttribute = fish:GetAttribute("Price")
	local rarityAttribute = fish:GetAttribute("Rarity")
	local imageId = fish:GetAttribute("ImageId")
	fishUI:SetAttribute("Price", priceAttribute)
	fishUI:SetAttribute("Rarity", rarityAttribute)
	fishUI.Image = imageId

check if the list is visible and try to make everything in the fishUI visible

yes everything is visible but i still cant see it

maybe it has something to do with UIgrid

when i add the same ui with my hands while the game isnt running, it shows the ui like i want but when i do it with the script it just doesnt show

I’ve found the issue, its the image id. It makes it invisible. Thank you for helping me! (:

dont forget to solution your message as its the solution to your issue

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