UI I've been working on. (Still am)


Looks good. I suggest designing a scrollbar to match the rest of the design

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The whitespace for your TextButton’s text seems off. I suggest centering the text more. Also, the padding on your grid appear a little off. Additionally, I would make the buy button pop green! :octopus: Looks good overall.

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I think the red is too bright. Maybe try to get it closer to the ‘Bright red’ brick colour rather than the super bright red.


Really cool! although the inside looks a little bland.

Eh, I tried that, didn’t seem to like it.

Now that you mention that about the buy button :thinking:

I’ve thought about that, most likely will do that. :grin:

Looks great, really like the use of Red. :slight_smile:


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I think it looks great so far. What kind of game are you making?

The red is way too bright.

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looks great, but find a better colour contrast in terms of the red scale. i would also reccomend changing the shade of the white so it is not just blank because it can hurt the players eyes.