UI Menu Creation

Hello Everyone!

I am making a ui menu on my game, I need feedback on what I should add to it, It doesn’t have to much detail or such.




Looks clean in my opinion. I suggest maybe using some other front for “war field”.

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Okay I am fixing it right now.

@ReaperBlizz I have changed the font for the title thanks for the help.

Looks better and more good for the theme!

I suggest adding some color to the bottoms, make a gradient at the side that fades into white? It’s up to you, but please try add something extra to prevent it from being so bland.

Maybe add a play and about icon.

Apolgies, about that I will add better details.

Not centered, try fixing that.

@PrismaticFruits I made some improvements with the backround. You may like it!

Maybe add a play icon(Beveled Triangle) to the Play TextButton, just a minor detail but it might make it look better.

I agree with you. Pikachu28481!

The UI looks pretty good! Nice work!

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Thank you for the feedback. I will make more stuff in the future.

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I don’t know if it’s just me but the words War Field do not look centered. I would suggest to make sure the text is centered, but other than that the design looks great!