UI Messed up on different user's screens [FIXED!]

Basically I have UI and it looks perfect on my screen, I told my friends to send me screenshot and it looks suuuuuper messed up…

My friends screen

Any way I could fix this?

I’m not an expert in UI design, but do you have a picture of the Explorer?

As well, you should try and utilize UIAspectRatioConstraint.

There is a plugin that can help you with your problem.

(Also, Remember to search before posting.)


I have dealt with this problem before and yes it is very annoying, but what I did to prevent this from happening is by setting the GuiObject offset to 0, so for example if it was the Textbutton that is messed up then I would go to the textbutton’s property scroll down until I see position and set the offset to 0 and it wouldn’t look messed up.

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I am not an expert either but I know how to make some stuff. Here is the [picture] (https://gyazo.com/0de3aa2245bbea04f18a79b0f365194e) of the explorer

This looks very similar to the Northern Frontier’s UI design…

Yes, that is because I remade it.

Oh, that’s cool! Is the game broken or something (for the reason why you remade it?)

Well there are 3 people trying to remake TNF, I am one of them. Since tnf is resting I managed to get permission from the owner to remake and use their assets.

Ah, okay, that’s cool. :slight_smile:
Funnily enough, I’m also making a 17th century game, I released the ads two days ago.