UI Navigation - Use controller sticks to navigate instead of select key?

So, I know you can use the Select key to navigate a UI, but I’m not really liking that for the game I’m making. Is it at all possible to create a Movable Mouse using the XBOX controller?

if so can anyone give me some ideas on what I could do? because this dot in the center of a screen isn’t cutting it, especially since it doesn’t seem like it can be moved.

There is no functionality for this. If you want this, you’ll have to have an image that represents the cursor that you move over the screen according to controller stick input. You won’t be able to use built-in events for hovering on/off a button or clicking it, you’ll have to re-implement all of that checking in Lua.

It seems like a lot of extra work so I would think twice about choosing not to go with default controller selection.


Alright, Well the reason I bring this up is that inventory navigation in a custom UI in my game just doesn’t seem right using the built in functions. I’ll consider implementing this into my game at a later date then.

Thanks for the reply.

Sincerely, helperobc.