UI not fitting on every screen

I am making a ui for my upcoming FPS campaign called Tactical Takedown but I have a ui/Main Menu problems.

  1. Not fitting on all screens:
    This one is the one I care the most about as if it does not fit the game is unplayable I heard about a plugin but don’t know how to use it so if somebody could tell me how to use the plugin or another way that would be amazing

2.This is a bit off topic but will it also stop the picture (Which will be the main frame) from being stretched

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Hm, Are you using offset or scale for the sizing?

Dont use offset, change it to 0 since it is counted in pixels which isnt the same on every device.

I don’t use this plugin because it won’t work on scrolling frames.

Can you please describe more on what you mean by “Not fitting on every screen”. Do you mean that a frame of some sort isn’t fitting on a screen like mobile but fitting on PC?

Hello! I just solved a problem very similar to yours in this post. If you still need any help, let me know!

Scale I think I am not 100% sure though because I am new to this stuff

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Basically that it fits on one but not another

Check your Ui frame or button and scroll to scale, check the scale value for X and offset value for X, same with Y.

Try AspectRatioScale or RatioConstravient (I think it’s called)

Hello, you should use the Scale property instead of the Offset property if you have not already. You can find it in both the Size property and the Position property. Here is an example on the ROBLOX Developer Hub that gives information about the GUI scaling property!