UI positioning [Help me]

Today, I’m working on a Roblox Game and I got to the Point where i need to use GUI on my game. There is One Problem tho…

  1. Positioning
    I cant properly Position my GUI… whenever i switch to my phone, my GUI is Blocking Half of my Screen

I haven’t Tried watching Vids on how to Fix my problem so i came here Instead… This is probably A small problem But as a beginner, I ask for your help…


Have you created the size and position of your gui using scale and not offset?

i have no experience in UI designing :frowning:


Instead of (0, number) (0, number)
Do (number, 0)(number, 0)
Offset is the pixels white scale is by the screen.
For scale, 1 means the entire length of either x or y. So you have to do something like (0.3,0)(0.5,0).
It’s easier if you omit the brackets as studios will auto fill for you

ill try… thanks for helping me, i appreciate it

Well you can use this plugin:

You can select an textLabel or anything you want, then go to plugins AutoScaleLite and click add Constraint.
Also I reccomend to change the size of the gui object into scale using the plugin.
Simple and easy.

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So I was messing with my scales slowly this whole time?

(thank you so much)