UI positioning not equal in layout within different devices

I have created these UI’s and set offset to 0 in both the size and the position. Although the size of the buttons are correct within all the devices, the position of them change depending on each the devices. I have uploaded photos below to demonstrate this problem.

These are my UI’s the position and size I want them to be within all devices.

This is what I get when I switch to a different studio device/size.

I am trying to get the positioning to be the same within all devices, in the layout as shown in photo 1. I have tried to find a solution, but I am still very new to UI design and any replies to this issue with be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe try to enable “IgnoreGuilnset” on the screen GUI. Not 100% sure if that will work but it should. You can read more about it here: ScreenGui.IgnoreGuiInset (roblox.com). Let me know if that doesn’t work or if it does.

Does that actually work? I thought that the position changes after the UI aspect constraints were absolutely normal for GUIs on Roblox, and there’s nothing you can do about them.

I have tried that and unfortunately it does not fix the problem.

Did you try constraining them?

I had already added UIAspectRatioConstraint’s to them as I was making them, they only help with the size of the UI within all devices, however they do not solve the problem for it’s irregular positioning.

You could group the UI into one single panel and make that panel anchored at 1, 1 and having the panel’s position at {1, 0}, {1, 0}


Your instructions have resolved my problem to the exact way I needed the UI to be in. Thanks so much for your help! :smiley:

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Hey can you explain what you mean by one panel? I tried to set the anchor point of all the guis grouped under one gui(this is what I think the panel is) to 1,1 but it doesn’t work.

What size is that one gui, I’d use 1,1 scale

I UI aspect constrainted it, so it has some very small decimals.

Make sure that the size and position UDim2 values are in Scale and not Offset.

Yeah that’s done as well. Problem is the position though lol. Does anchorpoint really solve that issue for multiple screens? Seems like a miracle to me.