UI remain the same size when zooming out

Hey I’m will, I also go as willozzy_dev on Roblox.

I want to figure out how to make the size of a Billboard UI not change even when the Client zooms out.
Could anyone help me out with this? Ill provide a screenshot aswell:

Thanks for passing by! :yum:

In the BillBoards properties if you go to the size, theres a little arrow, you can set the size on Scale or Offset, Offset will make it so the BillBoard will increase in size when you move further but Scale will make sure it remains it’s size.

Hope that helped.

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Could you show me a screenshot? I don’t really know where to find and what properties to set…

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Please? ________________________

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I have a rank billboard gui script and if you go to the properties go to:

Size > X / Y > Offset / Scale

Here’s a picture for help to find that:

And what properties do I set? ___

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Can you send your size value for your properties of the billboard?

Help Both of the offsets were 100 before

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Change Scale on both of them to 100, if it’s too big or too small keep playing around with the value of the scale to see which one you like. :slight_smile:

I set both to 100 but nothing shows up above the Client
I am so confused

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Can you send a picture of all the properties on it?

wtf This is when both of the scales are set to 5 but it’s not even on top of my head its a bit to a side, but when they are set to 100 there is literally nothing :rofl:

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It’s another setting which may be causing it, please send a screenshot of all the properties.

I just figured it out, I fiddled with the stud offset but now there is another problem.
Let me show you.

every time I zoom it starts going down to the side

But looking a bit more at the first image in the top left, its not RIGHT on top but it’s fine.

Edit values for both X and Y, it should fix it

And change them to what? ______

set the image size to {1,0,1,0}
and then adjust the billboard size to whatever seems right with the scale property

Make this your size:


X Scale = 5 and Y Scale = 5

Then, set this AnchorPoint of the image:


let me know if this helps!