UI scale causing accessibility and mass management issues on the new Manage Group page

The new Manage Group page has brought a well-needed update to the group admin page, providing a cleaner look and access to the audit log without having to return to the group page.

This being said, even while my group is only around 300 members in size, within just a few hours of using the new system it’s become quite apparent that what we have now simply doesn’t work as well as the old system with anything but an individual scale. I feel, personally, the main issue is simply that everything is a bit too big, needlessly so, and this makes it quite awkward to navigate the members, revenue and especially roles pages.

On the ‘Members’ page, I can only access 12 out of the 18 members who appear on the same page without having to scroll down, I think it would be beneficial for all to shrink this size down significantly.

I use a regular 1080x1920 monitor, and while everything is nicely contained horizontally, I feel that each ‘slot’ for the members could be scaled down to 2/3, maybe even 1/2 the size, increasing the width by an extra slot and thus allowing more panels to be shown on screen. This would remove the need to scroll down to access the bottom two rows, as is currently required.

On the revenue page, the new summary tab is perfect, however, the transactions page is again just a bit too spaced out and large, I feel it would also benefit from a slightly smaller scale and especially less distance between each item on the list.

When looking across the sales of my group, it feels limiting and awkward only being able to see 10 items on the list, especially when my group uniforms are sold multiple times every day. I’m not sure as to how or if this could be implemented, but a filter or search integrated into the transactions page would be immensely useful, especially for tracking income through clothing, gamepasses and donations sales, but also for groups that pay designers a percentage of the sales they make.

Finally, the Roles page is what I feel currently has the most difficult layout.

The previous layout was a bit outdated, but it kept everything accessible quickly, with one click between permissions and descriptions. I feel that reverting to a grid, or alternatively allowing us to decide which we use, would help developers such as myself quickly reference group roles in scripts, without having to click on every single role, copy across the rank number and click the next.

To sum up, while the new changes bring a well-needed aesthetic improvement to the group page, I feel that some of the changes have ignored the purpose of the admin page, which is of course, administration. These changes have not made it any easier to manage larger groups and in some instances have made it more difficult to navigate and reach the intended option or button. Changes made to the UI of the page would be gratefully appreciated by myself, and I would assume all group owners, moderators and admins who deal with the management of the group and members.

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