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Hello, I am GreatLatte and I script and build. I am currently working on a shop, but the issue is when I scale it, it scales differently on mobile. Yes, I have set offset to 0 for both x,y and have am using scale, but it still scales wrong.

I really need this done, and if anyone knows the fix please help a mans out.

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Read the forum please, I stated I was not using offset and am using scale.

Do you have a plugin that can position and scale onto different devices?

You don’t need a plugin, you can literally just use Scale, and it is not working. Thats how I did it before, and thats why I am wondering why its no working. But what plugin?

Try messing around with the SizeConstraints. For example, change RelativeXY to RelativeXX or RelativeYY and it resize it. After tweaking a bit of it, try seeing the results and reply with them.

So there is a plugin where you can scale down UIs either by position or scaling so they fit a certain space and it won’t be cramped like the picture you provided.

The Roblox scale is confusing sometimes, since I like the plugin that I provided below.

Link: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/1496745047/AutoScale-GUI

How do I use it? I downloaded the plugin and it is still scaling incorrectly.

If I start messing with it I have to rescale it all again, I wanna know what I need to do or what the fix is.

In the plugins tab, there will be 2 buttons; Position and Size. If you click size, it will automatically convert the UI that you want to be scaled to fit onto every device.

Position helps with positioning the main frame, for example the very first parent of all of the buttons or images inside of it, then you would size it.

Could we see the properties of the gui?

I have had issues similar to these in the past where no matter if I used scale or not, my GUI still would not resize and position itself to the original version. However, when I changed the SizeConstraint, I resized it until it looked like the original and, to my surprise, it worked out well and the size was exactly the same across all devices, regardless of the option you pick (RelativeXX, RelativeYY). However, I will give this one piece of advice. If you are making a horizontal GUI, use RelativeYY. Otherwise, use RelativeXX for vertical GUI.

tl;dr, you shouldn’t have to worry on messing around with your GUI when doing this, all that is left are good results.

Figured it out, turns out my frames weren’t scaled with scale, even though I scaled them. Guess I undid it. Thank you everyone!

Irrelevant to the topic itself but if you aren’t using GridLayout, you should use it.

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