UI scaling issue

As the title says there is a issue I cannot resolve with my UI and it being scaled depending on the screen resolution.

As seen in the attached video once you go past a certain screen resolution the icons don’t scale properly

Things I have already tried.

  • Offset to scale for both position and size
  • using UI constraints
  • re making the layout

I have also tried using the UI-Lite plugin most people you

Any help would be greatly appreciated


It looks like the problem happens when the scaling axis shifts from the width to the height. Could you send a picture of your UI’s layout from the explorer?

Sorry for the late response but here

I attached some extra screenshots, in my testing I noticed the UIAspectRatioConstraint doesn’t do anything even with it there or not

I assume Frame has the background tiles. I would either:

  • Put the images into the background tiles
  • Put the Frame with the images into the frame with the background tiles so the scale is consistent
  • Maybe resize or add code to make sure the two frames are the same size always

What do you mean by background tiles?