UI Scaling Problem

Greetings. I am in the progress of developing a game, however, I am running into a problem with the UI sizes and positions. For some, they may put their tab size to a lower resolution than full screen for maybe framerate purposes or other purposes. Others set it at fullscreen.

Problem With This:
Some aspects of my UIs either get cut off or disappear from view with lower screen resolutions. There are key components that must be present for the game to be playable. (i,e Loading Screen.)

How can I ensure all of the UIs will be visible and scaled correctly on any screen resolution?

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When setting the position or size of a UI element, use the Scale property instead of Offset. Scale scales the position/size of a UI according to how large the screen is. A Scale of 0.1 will cover 1/10th of the screen/parent UI, 0.2 will cover 2/10ths, etc. Offset sets the position/scale in individual pixels.


Hope this helps!

As someone who has had quite a large amount of run-ins with GUI’s, I can tell you that they are hands down the most painful part of developing for me. I would just find a Youtube video that explains everything.

If you have Robux, get UI AutoScale+, I highly recommend.