UI Scripting Help! Straight Lucky Frame spin problem

I am working on a Straight Lucky Frame spin system and its not working properly. The problem is show in the video how the image are overlapping when using Instant Spin. I think the problem causing because of the values. I choose them randomly.

without Instant Spin

With Instant Spin

This is how its work

  1. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    The images are overlapping.

  2. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

If there any other way you can suggest or you can fix the values would be great.

function Spin()

	local MinimumSpin = (playerDataFolder.CanInstantSpin.Value and Gamepass.InstantSpinConfig.Enabled) and 1 or 5

	if SpiningBool or playerDataFolder.SpinCount.Value <= 0 then if Gamepass.AutoSpinSpinConfig.Enabled then AutoSpin() end return end
	SpiningBool = true

	for _, image in pairs(ItemFrame.Frame1:GetChildren()) do   -- reset the position for the spin
		if image:IsA("ImageLabel") then
			image.Position = ImagesPrePos[image][1]
			image.Size = ImagesPrePos[image][2]
			image.ImageTransparency = .5

	ShowItem.Visible = false
	SpinFrame.Visible = true

	local ChoosenReward = ChooseRewardsRF:InvokeServer()   ---get the image index
	local SpinCount = 0
	local SpeedFactor = 1.5
	local FinalSpinCount = {}	
	local Acceleration = 0.21
	local MinSpeedFactor = (playerDataFolder.CanInstantSpin.Value and Gamepass.InstantSpinConfig.Enabled) and 1 or 1.5

	local lastTime = tick()

	local function SpinItems()

		local currentTime = tick()
		local deltaTime = currentTime - lastTime
		lastTime = currentTime

		local moveDistance = SpeedFactor * deltaTime

		for i, image in ipairs(ItemFrame.Frame1:GetChildren()) do
			if image:IsA("ImageLabel") then

				local newX = image.Position.X.Scale - moveDistance ---next position calculation

				image.Position = UDim2.fromScale(newX, image.Position.Y.Scale)  --assiging the position

				if image.Position.X.Scale < -0.095 then  --if image crassed this distance then send it in the end
					image.Position = UDim2.fromScale(1.601,image.Position.Y.Scale)

				if SpinCount > MinimumSpin and image.LayoutOrder == ChoosenReward then
					-- if conditions satisfied then give the reward this have nothing related to the spin movement
					if Gamepass.AutoSpinSpinConfig.Enabled and playerDataFolder.CanAutoSpin.Value then
						Spin() -- call the entire function again as long as auto spin

		if SpeedFactor > MinSpeedFactor then   --speedfactor changes after each
			SpeedFactor = math.max(MinSpeedFactor, SpeedFactor - Acceleration * deltaTime)



Also i tried to use a frame and put the images in it and clone it and move the frames once one of the frame crossed the end point it places back in the end.
But the problem with this was both frames were moving with different speed the image in the back was moving faster