UI scrolling not scaled correctly on mobile - how do i fix this


Today I was finishing up something when I decided to test my UI on mobile. It works perfectly fine, using a scroll wheel to move up and down. When I try it on mobile, the UI flips and does not scroll. I’m just looking for some way to try and fix this.

If this is the wrong category, I’ll remove it just lmk. idk where else to put it.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

images linked!

u can do that using the scale property instead of well oofset

Easiest way is to use auto scale lite

yes but it dose not work on ui gridlayouts or anything else i might make a plugin like that

I suggest try to make the frame Size Offset at 0

ik i my self am a GUI designer

Are you using UIGridLayout? If not try with it

Currently having the same problem. It has to be something with UIGrid?