UI selection doesn't go away when button is inactive (Xbox)

While adding gamepad support to my game, I noticed that when setting buttons.Active to false that the selection doesn’t go away. They are also able to be selected.

Shouldn’t this be changed so buttons are able to be disabled so they can have default controls on the gamepad? Now I have to make a second version of each button which is an Image/TextLabel so I can have native controls.

You are supposed to be setting GuiButton.Selectable

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The selection still stays on buttons even after setting Selectable to false. Not a big deal, but is kind of weird. Pressing the select button makes it go away, though.

Weird. Since you’re setting selectable to false you can also just do:

if guiService.SelectedObject == gui then
   guiService.SelectedObject = nil

as a quick fix

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