UI Sizing Not Working

Hello. For some reason, my UI isn’t scaling properly. On studio, it looks awesome. But when I join the game (not on studio), the UI is larger and doesn’t look as it should. I’ve tried scaling it and using UIAspectRatio. Any ideas as to how I can fix this? It’s not HORRIBLE it’s just not ideal.

You can size from scale.

Size: {0.5,0,0.5,0}

The numbers “0.5” are the scale propertie.

Try to use scale instead of offset in the size property of your UIs, that way the UIs fit the resolution they’re on and don’t look messed up.

Hi. Thanks. Tried that already pretty sure.

Try using the Studio Emulator, you can emulate different resolutions with it. Its great for testing guis on different resolutions without having to exit studio.

Also use the scale size property instead of the offset size property, and also make sure to use the AnchorPoint property.