UI Spacing Help

Hey Devs. I need help spacing these evenly. I have tried all types of UI____Layouts (UIListLayout, UIGridLayout, etc.) and I’m not sure how I would do it.

Here’s a reference:


Any help is appreciated. Thanks :heart:


The best way (in my opinion) is using Grid Layout. But recently I came across this module. It’s is pretty good for using layout stuff. (lol your UI looks pretty good, just wondering if you were doing commission?)

LayoutUtil: Automatically sizes a ScrollingFrame's UIGridLayout/UIListLayout


Yea I’m doing commissions. Thanks for the resource!


If you’re using a list layout, check the size of the custom label. It should be the same as the other labels but (I’m guessing) that it’s not.

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Show the rest of the properties of the UIList please.

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Ok I believe the frame that the buttons are sitting in is not the frame that we see in the picture that is the dark shadowed frame behind them, right?

Also, apart from the buttons not sitting in the frame behind it, the buttons do look evenly spaced now.

Uh can you tell me what font it is?

Make it (0.01,0)

I assume your using an offset sized UI, this is the reason, your UI are different on each device, also it won’t be properly done when your going for a large scale UI, like your UI have 5 different buttons

Show me the size of your UI

This is vague, what are you referring to?

What is vague, do you know what an offset is? how can you simply call my suggestion vague without knowing what I mean uh

I am referring to the size of the UI, the UI list layout or grid layout should be based on a percentage based on the player viewport size, this is often done wrongly using normal scale, UI scale is used for these types of things, but it isn’t a recommended method to increase performance

I specifically showed you the line that was vague, look at my post. A UI is a user interface, it is a broad term, are you referring to his buttons, his frame, his Screen GUI, it could be any or all three.

The UI List Layout size cannot be modified as you suggest. So just relax a bit, i was asking you to be a bit more clear, thats all. Ofcourse I know what an offset is, that is why i suggested he change the padding from offset to scale.

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