UI Stroke does not work with Rich text?

I want to have UI stroke on my text. I made a script that gives the player an overhead GUI. But, when I inserted a UI stroke the moment I turned on Rich text

Is there a way to circumvent this?

Pics are in screen gui but th effect is the same.


Thanks for your help.

I think its because they haven’t enabled support for rich text yet, since they still have bugs to fix.

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UIStroke is now live:

Should be working with rich text - let us know if you have any issues.


Sorry for the bump! Is it supported on Surface guis with rich text? Cause im noticing its not working when i try to use it with it turned on.

Was just about to make a thread asking how to do this and found this one, and your reply.

First, THANK YOU to the team that added the new UIStroke instance. It is amazing.

I am struggling to find out how to apply this to Rich text. Per Rototally above, they should be compatible, but I am finding that enabling Rich Text disables the UIStroke. Is there some workaround? My end goal is text that is larger than 100 pt, but includes the thicker stroke.

EDIT - Thank you to dukzae for solving this in another thread:

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Still doesn’t support rich text.


That’s because you gotta use the text.

RichText doesn’t need to support UIStroke if it already got it’s own version.

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