[UI] Suggestions on how to make this look better


Alright, so I’m pretty new to UI design and I was making some buttons for an obby game. I’d like to hear some of y’alls feedback on ways I could potentially make this look better because I think it looks kind of bland. This is a menu you get when you click on a Settings button. (everything is aligned I checked)

P.S: The track name only shows when you hover over the music button.

The goal is to be simplistic and look good and not feel like you’re overwhelmed when you click on it.

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Yo, that kool but I think it would be good to give the font more space

+make the iconimage yes this icon more wide

Update: this is the new GUI. If you want to see it for yourself click me. The game is in ‘paid access’ though so only do that if you really are desperate.