UI text label help

Hi, how do I make the text labels stay in the same place even if the screen is larger or the screens scale is changed?


You need to use scale instead of offset on the size / position property.

While this may seem intimidating to switch to at the start, you can use this plugin to automatically adjust to scale and then back to offset, whatever you like. It also includes a few more features for scaling UI’s to all screen sizes.


Make sure your offset for everything is set to 0. Then make the UI, you would like to.
This video can explain it for you. - Roblox Studio | UI Scali

Change both of the offsets to 0 in the UI object properties

For the text…

First scale the button with the text. If the text still doesn’t scale.

use these

click on scale text when on the button or text.

when scaling do not use off-set click both Scale and Scale for both.
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If this still does not work let me know and I may be able to help you. :slight_smile: