UI Text randomly flashing

So I just joined my game and randomly noticed some of my UIs flashing. I then noticed that it wasn’t the UIs themselves, but the text within them. I don’t have any scripts modifying the text size or text of these UIs, they’re just randomly flashing all over the place & if I get more UIs on the screen it seems to get exponentially worse. I don’t get this glitch on PC, only on mobile. I’m not sure if it’s because I put some of my UIs inside of DropShadow frames (which I haven’t done before in this game) or what.


I assume the game is Case Clicker - I just joined it on my Pixel 3 but was unable to reproduce it. Can you provide more information? Specifically devices known to be affected, whether I need to have a certain level of progress or number of players in the server, and whether the game affected is actually Case Clicker.


Hi, it’s in my test server where i’m re-making UIs. It’s currently set to friends-only so that no one can see it until it’s finished.

It can be found here: https://www.roblox.com/games/82228649/Case-Clicker-Dev-Server

I’ve sent you a friend request so you can test it out. You can unfriend me after. :slight_smile:

Edit: If it helps I was on an iPhone X. I had a friend join on a Galaxy S5 Sport and he didn’t notice the bug. It may be only iOS-related, however I can’t confirm.

Hi, I’m no longer experiencing this bug, however I have noticed a 2nd bug. Having a TextButton with a ZIndex < 1 will make it so you can’t click it on mobile, however you can still click it on PC/Mac.

@Tiffblocks I was finally able to gather some screenshots of this weird text bug happening. It seems to affect CoreGUIs also! It’s like the text is flickering.

Hi, any updates on this? It still happens to this day.

Have you tried reinstalling Roblox? If so, it’s your device and you should search your files, task manager, etc. and see if you find any “odd” running processes. It may be a virus affecting your gameplay.

EDIT: It may just be your device and you should reconfigure it.

Hi. As stated before, this only happens on mobile and I’ve received confirmation that it’s happening to other iOS users too.

Have you tried on a different IOS device. If it is the same,then it’s a roblox problem. If it is not. It’ is probably a hardware problem.

EDIT: I will try it on my Iphone 6s plus. Here is the photo:

There is no glitch for me.

Ah, my apologies. I didn’t read above. It is likely a Roblox glitch then.

Sorry to bump such an old post, however this is still occasionally happening to some of my mobile audience even today!

This bug still happens. It appears only happen on games with a lot of text. I have a Moto g7.

I have just recently discovered that this bug is still happening today. The device I am using is my Galaxy S9. A lot of text that is condensed together seems to be causing this. You are even able to replicate this issue on a laptop by cramming a lot of text into a lot of textboxes/textlabels.

Here’s a game I made that should show this issue happening on a PC too:

I basically added a ton of textlabels with a ton of text characters. When your camera is pointed towards them, you’ll notice how the chat and leaderboard glitch out, along with most of the textlabels.


Bumping this thread again because this is still happening today.

Might it be some limit roblox has that if the amount of textlabels in a game is exceeded in the players view it gets rid of some?

Can confirm this exact issue still happens on a regular basis to me.

I feel like this is caused by your device overheating.

this bug also happens on ninja legend 2. it is a mobile bug of both Android and iOS

This issue seems fairly critical, I have noticed it across several devices and games.

Here is a screenshot I took yesterday in Robloxian High School:

And some videos I got from Overlook Bay