[UI] Thoughts on my design?

I think looks simple but nice at the same time, Looking for suggestions and tips.

Little Notice, The background is 0,0,0 with transparency 0.8 I’m made it look to have a nice look from the game view its self, In my view with background behind it for showcases just makes it look bad in my viewing.

With background

Without background


Very detailed, maybe make it more rounded, I feel like that’d give it some more, uh, pazazz.


It looks very simple overall. I think you could improve on the menu UI since the button UI for teams, stores, about and credits don’t look eye appealing.

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I’d recommend making the text easier to see or making the background more opaque.

Because most simulators have rounded and cartoony UI’s, I feel using sharper corners gives a distinct, professional look, contrary to what @Disparrel said. Though, that’s just my opinion. Great work by the way!

Little alert, It’s not a Sim or anyone be anything type of game, Just some UI For my Patrol map.

Oh, sorry if I worded it weirdly. I meant that rounded UI’s are usually found in simulators, and having sharper edges for your UI would make it look more professional, instead of a simulator-type game.

its not rounded, its sharp. and new haven has rounded guis , And its not a sim

You seem to be misreading what he said. Secrutm_Flamma is saying to keep the sharp edges.

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