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Looking on that, how much people don’t know how to scale UIs and add UIAspectRatioConstraint into them I wanted to make UI designing plugin. And some functions in plugin really save time!

This plugin will cost ~5 or ~15 robux, but now it’s free for testing!

What is UI Tools?

UI Tools is my first ever plugin and includes:

  • Dark an White theme support
  • Scale UIs On All Screens (Includes UIAspectRatioConstraint)
  • Set Anchor Point To Middle
  • Design UIs (Deletes borders, TextScaled = true, TextWrapped = true, Enum.ScaleType.Fit, Enum.Font.Gotham)
  • Custom Border Rounding

My Ideas

In future of this plugin development I have some ideas what can I add:

  • Settings (Set properties, that will change when click Design UIs button, Add UIAspectRatioConstraint true or false, What anchor point will set when you click on Set Anchor Point button, Check For Updates true or false)
  • Set UI color right in the plugin
  • Add gradient (2 color gradient, 2 colors you selected)


Dark Theme

image (4)

Light Theme

image (3)






You can install the plugin here:
Current plugin version: 1.6
If you installed plugin before this post, please navigate to manage plugins tab and update the plugin.
If you found bug, you can dm me on devforum!

Update 1.6

  • Added plugin update checker
  • Fixed UIAspectRatioConstraint - Now you can select GUI and pressing scale UIs on all screens button and it will add UIAspectRatioConstraint to all GUI’s children! Also now it adds UIAspectRatioConstraint to buttons and others, not frames and scrolling frames only. Also added VideoFrame and ViewportFrame into the list.

Hi. Your code is actually viewable/editable.

What licence are you using for the code?


Technically, you are required to be distributing open source code for this subcategory of the forum. However, you opened it as a free plugin which means it is open source and its code is fully viewable to the open.

Just keep that in mind.

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Yes I know it is, by saying it I just wanted to say republishing is not allowed (I also left this in script) but you can reupload for personal use only :slight_smile:

Actually I’m not using any license. Or the thing like republishing or selling is not allowed (I left this in main script) Only for personal use.

The 1.7 version will be released on this week :>

Ser, when i try to click on a button it does nothing?

please describe: what button

also you need to select all uis to scale them (for example all things in frame like here:)


then click on this button:


and it should be scaled (also before all dont forget to set anchor point to middle)

To do something with UI you must Select UIs you want to apply changes

ah, that might be my problem I tend to miss things like that lol thanks for your help!
Feedback: Works nicely cool plugin!

thank you! in version 1.7 there will be added settings, so you can easily manage and customize your plugin. the plugin wont let you use him, when new plugin version is out :> so that’s the way to make all players on same version

All this needs is an updated plug-in UI for something more modern, and some other features and I’d daily this plug-in.

Has the new update been released or no?

not yet, i have a game plus school, so not much time to work on plugin, i will try to release it with only scale window when it will be done and add other stuff in other updates

I really like the idea of this plugin! It can be actually useful when creating UIs!
I want to make my own version, I’ll mention you!

Cheers :wink:

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Thanks for creating such awesome plugin~ my friend recommended this to me, and I’m not hesitate to buy it :slight_smile: